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Page 13 of 17 of the Bows Plus Bisque ornaments.

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Girl with Book Ornament Bride & Groom Ornament Cup & Saucer Ornament Teapot Ornament
P-282   3"H   $4.25
P-600   2 5/8"H x 2 1/4"W   $4.25
P-106a   2 1/2"W x 1 3/8"H   $6.00
See Sale Items Page 3
P-106b   x"W x x"H   $6.50
Snowflake Ornaments Snowflake Ornaments Snowflake Ornaments Sleigh Ornament
P-479a-c   $4.00 each
2 5/8" Diameter each
P-480a-c   $4.00 each
2 5/8" Diameter each
P-481a-c   $4.00 each
2 5/8" Diameter each
P-601   x"W x x"H   $3.75
    Sport Cap Ornaments Birdhouse Ornaments
P-567a   1 5/8"H   $3.25
P-567b   2 7/8"H   $3.75
P-567c   3 3/8"H   $4.00
P-169a   x"H   $3.00
P-169b   x"H   $3.75
P-169c   x"H   $3.75
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